Learn the art of calligraphy with

Join a two-hour class on various aspects of calligraphy each day at
the fair, with experts on hand teaching this beautiful pastime…

10am Wednesday


Inventive Card Folding with Martin Dickie.Learn how to use a folded paper to make cards that become sculpture. The principles of single and double cut pop-up shapes will be elaborated into double and free form shapes. Includes craft knife and four cards to take home.

1pm Wednesday

Modern Pointed Pen with Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls. This is a hybrid of the formal Copperplate style with a loose, handwritten feel. Learn the basics of using a pointed nib in a dip pen with ink and explore a relaxed alphabet that is very popular today. Perfect for journaling and combining with watercolours. You will get a calligraphy dip pen and ink to keep, as well as notes.


10am Thursday

Introduction to Neuland Calligraphy with Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls. Neuland is a hand that is chunky, simple and fun. It provides an excellent contrast to more delicate and disciplined hands and is quick to learn. You will get a calligraphy felt marker to learn with and keep, plus notes.

1pm Thursday

Inventive Card Folding with Martin Dickie
See 10am Wednesday class for details.


the Calligraphers’ Guild of WA

The Calligraphers’ Guild of WA (Inc.) is a non-profit organisation aiming to
encourage, assist and extend the craft of calligraphy whilst having fun!

10am Friday

Bookbinding with Martin Dickie An introduction to simple book structures, suitable for all ages. Learn to fold accurately, score and prepare paper and card for binding. Make three or four books to take home and use as diaries or sketchbooks.


1pm Friday

Introduction to Broad Edge Pen with Martin Dickie
Many types of writing are formed with a broad or chisel edge pen. Use easy balsa pens to examine the effects that a broad edge has on letter form and the shapes that result. You will make a folded book to take home.

10am Saturday

Modern Pointed Pen with Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls See 1pm Wednesday class for details.

1pm Saturday

Introduction to Neuland Calligraphy, Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls See 10am Thursday class for details.

10am Sunday

Introduction to Broad Edge Pen with Martin Dickie See 1pm Friday class for details

1pm Sunday

Bookbinding with Martin Dickie See 10am Friday class for details