Our guest artist Fiona Wright is an Australian living in Rajasthan, India, whose love of textiles has seen her design, exhibit and more recently create a social enterprise called The Stitching Project. 

Fiona and her husband Praveen have made a home on the edge of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. It is the desert though, and life can be quite difficult for many of their neighbours.

The Stitching Project is a social enterprise dedicated to making contemporary textiles with a basis in the rich range of textile traditions of India; use of handloomed khadi cotton, indigo dyed fabric, block printing, natural dyes and recycling saris to create stylish homewares and clothing.The project employs local people, training them in the skills needed to produce quality work and contributing fairly to their livelihood and often an increase in their self-esteem.Fiona will be our guest at the fair, demonstrating kantha stitching, making textile necklaces and Indian handmade buttons. She will also have a selection of The Stitching Project goods for sale.

Daily Talk with Fiona

Once a day at 1.30pm, Fiona will talk about The Stitching Project, the differences it has made to the people who work in it and the challenges of setting up such a project in India.